National Park Service - Agency of the United States

The National Park Service is an agency of the United States, a Bureau of the U, has 19 park units, the authority to enforce any state law, employs Many kinds of workers and works with Girl Scout Troops. The NPS employs 21,651 employees, enforces United States Code, is charged with a dual role. Campaign resulted in the creation of a National Park Service. Mather became the first Director, was with the successful ratification of the National Park Service Organic Act. Albright had suggested to President Roosevelt that the historic sites. President Roosevelt agreed issued two executive orders. Executive orders transferred to the National Park Service. Conrad Wirth became Director of the National Park Service in 1951. New parks were added to preserve unique resources existing park facilities. Director George Hartzog began the process with the creation. Yellowstone National Park was the first, national park in the United States. Agency was given authority over other, protected areas. The National Park System includes all properties, offers numerous, accessible camping opportunities, receives over 280 million visits. The area is New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve at 1,164,025 acres, is staffed by park Rangers. Designations Wilderness areas are covered by the US National Wilderness Preservation System. The National Wilderness Preservation System created hundreds of Wilderness zones. Marine Protected Areas began with Executive Order in 13158 may. Areas include resource Stewardship are These funds, are managed under cooperative agreement with the National Park Service. The National Park Services budget is divided into primary two areas. The resource staff includes biologists, geologists. The staff includes park Ranger s, park police, equipment operators, custodians. Funds require matching grants from Individuals, come from the Federal Land Highway Administration for the construction. Forest Service use These funds to purchase Critical lands. The NPS State Conservation Assistance program distributes funding to states for Land preservation. The preservation offices makes grants, the available states. Programs supported are the Rivers trails Conservation Assistance programs. Miscellaneous Trust Funds includes funding sources. Nomenclature The National Park Service uses over different 20 titles for the park units. The National Parks preserve significant, scenic areas, Nature reserves, Shaping the system. National Monuments preserve a single, unique, cultural, natural feature. National Historic Sites protect a significant, cultural resource. Sites preserve important Revolutionary War battles, Civil War battlefields, have hardened tenting sites. The designations reflect the complexity of the event. National Recreation Areas were units surrounding reservoirs. National Historic trails commemorate the routes of major, historic events. National Preserves are for the protection of certain resources. The group is called the National Leadership Council. Volunteers conduct resource management, historic preservation. The Corps Network known as the National Association for Service. The Service participated every four years at the BSA Jamboree. Youth Conservation Corps The Youth Conservation Corps bring young people into a park. The access Pass offers free lifetime admission, federal areas. Camp sites are near located restrooms with paved walkways. Parks had banned disposable water bottles by 2014 23. Road designs are configured to provide for mountain. NPS lodging opportunities exist at places as the such Wawona Hotel. The Ahwahnee Hotel is slated to become the Majestic Yosemite Hotel, Curry Village. Books written by individual National Park interpreters. The Director is nominated by the President of the United States, is supported by senior six executives. The office is in the located Main Interior Building. National Park Service Ranger Interpreter Law enforcement park management United States Park Police Emergency management Dispatchers Maintenance Park planning architect s. The United States Park Police is a unit of the National Park Service. National Park Service units have proprietary, partial jurisdiction. Agents carry concealed firearms, other, defensive equipment. Field Agents travel a Great deal cover several NPS units. Investigators conduct internal, Civil claim investigations. United States Park Police The United States Park Police is the oldest, uniformed, federal law enforcement agency in the United States. Addition to performing the normal crime prevention, investigation. The Harpers Ferry Center specializes in interpretive media development. The Submerged Resources Center is the unit for responsible inventory. HABS provided a database of primary source material. American Engineering Record Recognizing a similar fragility. The National Trails System is a joint mission of the National Park Service. National Heritage Areas are blend of a unique, natural, cultural, historic, scenic resources. World Heritage Sites have recognized enough, natural, cultural features. South Florida Restoration Initiative Rescuing an ecosystem in Peril. The program expanded to include three parks in the Pacific West Region in 2002, provides Climate, Friendly solutions. The goal is to reduce backlogged work to bring sites. Climate Friendly Parks Program The Climate Friendly Parks Program is a subset of the Green Parks plan. Transportation systems are developed to reduce dependency on fossil fuels. The NPS Concessions office voiced concerns about concessions impacts.

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