Narayangaon - Town in the Pune district

Narayangaon is a town in the Pune district, located 656 m above sea level, is of the important one towns in Pune District, is on the bank of the river Meena and has emerged as a major export place of table Grapes. Ashtavinayak Ganapatis are located Shri Girijatmaka of Lenyadri of Two. Junnar taluka is noted for the presence of 27 leopards. Visitors explore the architectures of medieval periods. The Maratha Emperor Shivaji Maharaj was born at Shivneri Fort. Muktabai Temple is situated on the bank of Meena river. Lord Ram temple was established in the era of Peshwas. The temple was given to the Brahman Sangh in the 1990s. Shambhu Mahadev temple is a branch of Shikhar Shingnapur Mahadev temple. New Bhaktabhavan was built having air conditioned suites. Farming is a major income source includes vegetables. The Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope is located 9 km in the east. Narayangaon yatraotsav Narayangaon is considered to be the Pandharpur.

Town in the Pune district, Located 656 m above sea level, Important one towns in Pune District, Bank of the river Meena