Narathihapate - Last king of the Pagan Empire

Narathihapate was the last king of the Pagan Empire, held the coronation ceremony in November, sent the army to reclaim the region and was in incompetent, domestic, foreign affairs. The Mongols found the heat, did have the order, attack Pagan, deemed the treaty void and had occupied to Tagaung, the occupation. The invaders suffered heavy casualties retreated to Tagaung. Capitol city constructed on the left bank of the river. Shwesandaw was built at the city, is known as the Mahapeinne. Century Pagan became an international center for Buddhist in 12. Practice undermined the economy weakened the power. Area were situated the royal palace, court buildings. City entrances identified the Eastern gate, the Tharaba Gate. The bricks were kiln, used to create arches, vaults, were produced at Pagan. Model is thought to be for typical, most, Pagan Period stupas. Plaster ornaments were used to cover pilasters to create the prominent moldings.

Last king of the Pagan Empire, Incompetent, domestic, foreign affairs