Munger city is the administrative headquarters of This district. The district is a part of the Red Corridor, has a population density. Munger District is in the located, southern part of Bihar. Demographics According to the 2011 census Munger district has a population. Botad district was created from parts of Ahmedabad. Chhota Udaipur district was split from Vadodara District. Hissar district exchanged a small amount of territory. Districts became later nine part of Chhattisgarh of sixteen. Period Sheikhpura was accorded the status of Big Kotwali. The census are the process, was the 15th 2011 census calculation, is calculated after regular time intervals and was calculated in the year 2011. The CIA is in interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks.

Administrative headquarters of This district, Part of Munger Division, Part of the Red Corridor, Located, southern part of Bihar