Mount Lafayette - Mountain at the northern end

The mountain Mount Lafayette is the highest point in the Franconia Range. The summit marks the western border of the Pemigewasset Wilderness Area. The Bridle Path Trail follows a western spur ridge of Lafayette. The peak is at the junction of the Garfield Ridge Trail. Hike is to make a loop combining the notable three summits. The loop starts with the Old Bridle Path, is with a cumulative elevation gain. Lafayette turn around Russell Cox, are to reported from the equal, worst Antarctica despite the much, greater cold. The mountain is named to honor General Lafayette, a French, military hero, was called Great Haystack, is with popular Hikers. Routes include approaching from the Skookumchuck Trail. The AMC Greenleaf Hut area is a popular area for winter camping. Ammenities include large, wooden 8 tent platforms, a spring. The option involves travelling along the east Franconia Ridge Trail from the summit. Hikers are advised to pay particular attention to weather conditions.

Mountain at the northern end, Highest point in the Franconia Range