Moses Cleaveland - Lawyer

Moses Cleaveland was a lawyer, politician, went home, Connecticut, left the city and had big dreams for the city. Militia career Cleaveland was known as a energetic person with high ability. Cleaveland had opened a law practice in Canterbury in 1781, began service in the Revolutionary War in 1777, was approached by the directors of the company and had served under General George Washington for several years. The expedition coasted along the shore of Lake Erie. The statue makes occasional appearances in popular media. Location had been visited by previous exploration parties. Todays downtown Cleveland is built around the original outline. Steel mills were established along the Cuyahoga River. The Depression hit Cleveland s, industrial economy. Connecticut was of the one states with land claims. Area became known as the Connecticut WESTERN RESERVE. The Connecticut Land Company was a group of private speculators. The surveyors laid out a town along the eastern bank.

Lawyer, Politician