Morocco - Constitutional monarchy

The CIA is in interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks. Morocco has a population, an excellent road, rail infrastructure, a large diaspora, is a constitutional monarchy, a member of the Arab League, a northern Africa n country bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, an diverse country with a rich culture, home, Andalusian, classical music, became a realm of the north, African civilisation, the first Arab in 1986, African country and was facing aggression from Spain. Morocco was the first nation to recognise the fledgling United States, the first country in the world, a refuge during 1950s 1960s, artistic centre, an independent sultanate although several, European countries in 1900, unveiled an autonomy blueprint for Western Sahara, deported hundreds of the illegal migrants and has had strong ties, the west. Morocco rejoined the au on 30 January, has become a major player in African, economic affairs, declared independence and was scheduled to host the 2015 Africa Cup of nations. Morocco is undergoing a demographic transition, has increased investment, has administered the region and known as the kingdom of Morocco. Morocco is characterised by a rugged, mountainous interior, was divided into French, Spanish protectorates with an international zone, is known as Fas and was reunited by the Alaouite Dynasty. Morocco controls of most, Western Sahara, claims that the Western Sahara, attracted than more 10 million tourists and has embarked upon the construction of large, solar energy farms. Morocco participated in the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest, has than more four dozen universities. Peace processes have failed to break the political deadlock. Executive power is exercised by the government while legislative power. The English name Morocco is an anglicisation of the Spanish Marruecos. The Iberomaurusian was succeeded by the Beaker culture in Morocco. DNA studies have discovered a close link between Berbers. Mogador was a Phoenician colony, was founded as the Phoenician merchant navy. Mauretania became a client kingdom of the Roman Empire. Emperor Claudius annexed Mauretania as a Roman province. Rule became confined to a few, coastal cities by the late, 3rd century. Efforts to control the Atlantic sea trade in the 15th century. France showed a strong interest in Morocco, allowed Mohammed V. Spain won a further enclave, an enlarged Ceuta, created a protectorate in the coastal areas in 1884, claimed occupied the coastal exclave of Ifni and relinquished Spanish Sahara in 1976. The matter was resolved at the Algeciras Conference. The rebellion was suppressed by French, Spanish troops. Istiqlal Party was founded to Press for independence with discreet US support. Party provided of the most leadership for the nationalist movement. Hassan declared a state of emergency, cancelled planned elections amid political unrest in 1983. The war was a considerable, financial drain on Morocco. The Polisario rejected the plan, claimed to have killed than more, Moroccan 5,000 soldiers. Algerian authorities have estimated the number of Sahrawi refugees. Mohammed VI paid a controversial visit, the Western Sahara. Troops had taken the uninhabited island after Moroccan soldiers. Geography Morocco has a coast by the Atlantic Ocean. The Atlas Mountains run down the backbone of the country, are in the located centre. The Rif Mountains are in the located north of the country. The population lives to the north of these Mountains, is distributed along the horizontal axis with males. The plains experience moderate temperatures in summer. Summers are to hot, hot, dry, average highs, warm, hot winters. Winters are mild, wet, daily, average temperatures. Cities are Khenifra, Imilchil, Ifrane, Azrou, Agadir, Marrakesh. Precipitation varies to from 400 700 mm, varies between 500 900 400 800 400 1200 mm. The regions have distinct seasons, are subdivided into provinces. Biodiversity Morocco has a wide range of biodiversity. Trade is causing unregulated, unknown reductions of wild populations. Politics Morocco was an authoritarian regime according to the Democracy Index. The government is encouraging public institutions, is headed by Abdelilah Benkirane. The Moroccan Constitution provides for a monarchy with a Parliament. The Saharawi group Polisario maintains an active militia. The Sahara War saw the Polisario Front, the Sahrawi rebel. Un member state has recognised Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara. The proposal was encouraged by Moroccan allies as the such United States. Country has followed a policy of privatisation since 1993. Tourism is the second, largest, foreign exchange earner in Morocco, is of the important one sectors in Moroccan economy. Region extends from the Mediterranean in the south. The aim was to give universities, greater, financial autonomy. Inventors applied for 197 patents from 152 two years. The report advocated making education, the egalitarian, accessible, greatest number. The estimates put the size of the Casablanca Jewish community. French is taught as an obligatory language at all schools. Moroccans spoke a foreign language, speak Spanish about 5 million. Spanish is spoken in northern Morocco because the Spanish Spain. The Moroccan National Theatre offers regular productions of Moroccan, French, dramatic works. Women began to make up growing a share of these labor migrants, are at times. Designs are being constructed in cities like Rabat. Almohad dynasty Morocco experienced a period of prosperity. Writers were an important influence, the many, Moroccan novelists. Authors include Abdellatif Laabi, Abdelkrim Ghallab. Chicken is eaten the meat in Morocco, is used in tagines. Pork consumption is forbidden in accordance with Sharia. Players have competed in international competition. Result was tied to the Moroccan, rugby fortunes of France. Nations tended to look to Moroccan, rugby Europe for inspiration. The information please see the entry for population pyramid. GDP is gross, domestic product converted to international dollars, the sum of gross value, is expressed in current U. Dollar has the same purchasing power over GDP, has in the United States. Sultanate became in the independent, first, French protectorate. The United Nations intends to hold a referendum to determine the future. The historian Herodotus refers to this site as Cerne. Force was sent on an exploration of the Canary Islands. Google Street View please include Street View in the text.

Constitutional monarchy, Member of the Arab League, Northern Africa n country bordering the North Atlantic Ocean, Diverse country with a rich culture, Home, Andalusian, classical music, Anglicisation of the Spanish Marruecos, First nation to recognise the fledgling United States, First country in the world, Refuge during 1950s 1960s, Artistic centre, Independent sultanate although several, European countries in 1900, Authoritarian regime according to the Democracy Index