Mona Sahlin - Swedish politician

Sahlin was a member of Parliament, is the first, female leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, was elected to Parliament and has dropped 9 percentage points, 27 percent. November following another electoral 2010 defeat for the Social Democrats on 14. Investigation was initiated by the chief prosecutor Jan Danielsson as a result. Ulrica Messing was mentioned as a possible candidate. The result was for the lowest Social Democratic Party since the introduction. The Social Democrats received the lowest, recorded percentage of the votes, have governed Sweden. The poll is since the first October after the last, general 2006 election, was conducted in the middle of the AMF debate. Development has been for the positive Alliance parties with the Centre party. The Demoskop poll shows that 20 percent of the electorate. The Swedish Prime Minister enjoys than the more popularity of the Social Democrat leader. Lars Ohly was the only, Swedish politician voters reported confidence.

Swedish politician, First, female leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party, Member of Parliament