Mimosa - Genus

Mimosa is a genus, contains some level of heptanoic acid. Cultivation has led to weed y invasion in some areas. Mimosa asperata Mimosa borealis Mimosa caesalpiniaefolia Mimosa casta Mimosa cupica Mimosa ceratonia Mimosa diplotricha C. Turner Mimosa laxiflora Mimosa loxensis Mimosa malacophylla Mimosa microphylla Mimosa nothacacia Mimosa nuttallii B. Mimosa pigra Mimosa polycarpa Mimosa pudica Mimosa quadrivalvis Mimosa. Quadrivalvis Mimosa roemeriana Mimosa rubicaulis Mimosa rupertiana B. Turner Mimosa scabrella Mimosa schomburgkii Mimosa somnians Humb.