Mehmed Spaho - Bosnian politician

Mehmed Spaho was a Bosnian politician, leader, was deceased. Spaho attended elementary school in Sarajevo, asked von Feuchtenegg to approve more potatoes, entered the Government as a representative and became a member of the JMO. Spaho dealt with economics, was of the one two Bosnian Muslims, was in the active PMO and was involved in a political campaign before the election. Mehmet Spaho was a significant politician at this point. Tisza ended the meeting with Bosnian, Muslim delegation. Bosnian Muslims supported the Yugoslav state, Spaho. The JMO was a religious group, a political party, favoured decentralization of the state. The JMO club decided to support the new Constitution while Spaho.

Bosnian politician, Leader, Significant politician at this point, One two Bosnian Muslims, Active PMO