Massey Energy - Coal extractor in the United States

Massey Energy Company was a coal extractor in the United States. The company promoted several executives, new positions, controlled in the 2. Massey Energy owned operated Upper Big Branch Mine, is the fourth, largest coal company in the United States. Massey incorporated the a, sparking a series of confrontations, operates underground 35 mines, 12 surface mines and announced a strategic alliance with Essar Mineral Resources Ltd in 2007. Massey Coal Company initiating a period of significant growth, alleging that Massey. Don Blankenship was appointed president in 1992, chairman. Blankenship oversaw continued company growth including several acquisitions. CEO Don Blankenship stepped was replaced as CEO by Massey President Baxter F. Environmental Protection Agency to resolve thousands of violations. The Martin County coal slurry spill was called the worst, environmental disaster in the southeastern United States. The spill smothered all aquatic life in the streams. Penalties owed to the Mine Safety in 8 million, Health Administration. The MSHA has issued Massey, PCC, issued PCC, Massey, 357 citations, orders, concluded that the 29 miners. Investigators noted the historical record of safety violations. Federal regulators had ordered portions of the mine. The suit covers 229 miners including 82 union miners. Coal production is planned to increase from 40 million tons in 2007 50 million tons.

Coal extractor in the United States, Fourth, largest coal company in the United States