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Styles are worn in casual settings, were in the popular United States in the late 1990s, varied. Thomas served with the American Expeditionary Force in France. The strap shoes are leather shoes, had button closures, have small buckle closures and were worn by girls. The strap shoes were worn by older, Italian, American boys, were worn with shorts, are named for the strap and worn by children. The strap shoes were for common, younger boys, have been referred to in various ways, are referred to as Mary Janes in America. The shoes had designs, have an plastic look, made for dresswear. Girls strap shoes are made in a much, greater variety of styles. HBC has noted boys wearing the strap shoes, black strap shoes through the early, 20th century. Contributor remembers seeing girls wearing velvet strap shoes. The closures were placed at different locations on the shoe. SDtarp shoes became increasinglu for common, formal wear. English boys wore strap shoes in the early, 19th century. The shoe has become the quintessential dress shoe for a little girl shoe.

Popular part of kinderwhore