Mary Cartwright - British mathematician

Dame Mary Lucy Cartwright DBE FRSE FRS was a British mathematician. Cartwright was awarded a Yarrow Research Fellowship in 1930, became director of studies in 1936, the first woman mathematician in 1947, was appointed Mistress of Girton and had a distinguished career in analytic function theory. Recognition Cartwright was the first woman to receive the Sylvester Medal. Mary Lucy Cartwright came from a Northamptonshire family with a long tradition. Note was circulated to mathematicians by the Radio Research Board in 1938. Complexity has been captured in modern pictures of fractals. Work helped explain some perplexing phenomena engineers, was published into two volumes. October was the 29 1929 start of the great depression. Mary made improvements on the radio amplifier, returned to Cambridge.

British mathematician, First woman to receive the Sylvester Medal