Wickramasinghe followed Gamperaliya with Yuganthaya, was a pioneer journalist, a writer, a scholar, has written published 85 books and is as the acclaimed father of modern, Sinhala literature. Wickramasinghe dabbled with the double role of literary critic, died on 23 July. Life Wickramasinghe was born on 29 May, 1890 in the town. Gamperaliya is the landmark in the development, is held as the first Sinhalese novel with a serious intent. The story revolves round, a rural, Sinhalese family. The trilogy was made into film by the renowned Sri Lankan director Dr, has been as a acclaimed, major work of creative fiction. Martin Wickramasinghes vision, was a novelist from Sri Lanka, a writer, a scholar, was born on the 29th of May and was born in the year. Martin Wickramasinghe was of the prominent one Sri Lankan writers of all times. Works are Leela, Soma, written has been a rehash of the views.

Pioneer journalist, Writer, Scholar, Novelist from Sri Lanka, Writer, Scholar, Acclaimed father of modern, Sinhala literature, Prominent one Sri Lankan writers of all times