Martha Griffiths - American Lawyer

Martha Wright Griffiths was an American Lawyer, judge. Griffiths was the first woman, the daughter of a letter carrier, filed a discharge petition in 1970, was admitted to the Michigan bar and worked to eliminate these disparities. Griffiths began working to add a ban on sex discrimination in 1964, was elected as the first, Female Lieutenant Governor of Michigan, began working on behalf of the beleaguered Equal Rights Amendment and retired from Congress. Biography Martha Edna Wright was Born in Pierce City. Martha Griffiths was a member of the American Association. The senate attempted to add provisions exempting women. Controversy surrounding the Equal Rights Amendment persists today. Res was referred to the 208 House Committee on the judiciary. Collection is in searchable SONIC by date, is by accessible name. Organization called the Association of Former Members in 1970s.

American Lawyer, Judge, First woman, Daughter of a letter carrier, Member of the American Association