Mandvi - Unique town with municipality of merchants

Mandvi is a unique town with municipality of merchants, a port city, beautiful beach town in Kutch, has no rail transport, the nearest, public airport, was a fortified town having a fort wall and incorporates neighboring the villages of Nagalpur. Mandvi was Founded by the Rao of kutch State, was of the one towns. Mandvi municipality was handed over the fort under condition. The municipality decided to demolish 290 metre of wall in 1992, demolished 300 metres of the wall. The fort wall was demolished in two phases except four gates. Mrs Hiraben C Mehta started first Baal Mandir, Bhagini Mandal. The temple is home, 72 Deris, has a dharamshala, is in octagonal shape with area. Bridge was built by Vishram Karman Chawda of Chandiya. Shyamji Krishna Varma was a scholar, freedom fighter, was born in Mandvi. Light House contracted Light House for Country Craft Sea Transportation. Report submitted to the high court by a technical committee. Hindu Sena leader Vishnu Gupta was arrested in the case.

Unique town with municipality of merchants, Port city, Beautiful beach town in Kutch, Fortified town having a fort wall, One towns