The fish is a important species, are pure hybrids between this species, does need fertile water flowing water and is kept in a alive container. First gaining major popularity During the Tang dynasty. Mandarin fish have a broad temperature tolerance range, are to resistant, cold, climatic conditions, is a localized species in the region and are feeding at nocturnal night. Mandarin fish are feeding on carnivorous, live fish, appears in the market. Seed availability has become limited as a result of intensive capture. Brooders are collected selected from both open waters. Pond nursery farmers prefer to the rear fry in static water. The pond farming pond farming, is prepared with a sandy, low silt bottom. Farmers do use an intensive fingerling production phase. The polyculture system is applied in earthen, concrete ponds. Pen culture pens situated in the shallow parts of lakes.

Important species, Localized species in the region, Pure hybrids between this species, 1