Mallee Cliffs National Park - Only reserve in New South Wales

The park is situated west of Sydney, is closed to the public as Part, contains an important representation of mallee communities and is the only reserve in New South Wales. The park lies within the Southern NSW Mallee Important Bird Area, is used for educational activities by schools. The Mallee Cliffs National Park is managed to protect the sand plain, sand dune land systems. Access are limited to educational activities by schools. The malleefowl grow to a length, is found in arid areas. The Recovery Program is a complex effort involving many agencies. The following is a summary of the principle recovery activities. Gluepot Reserve is the largest area under a Heritage Agreement. The ha Tarawi Nature Reserve includes 20,000 ha of mallee habitat. Tarawi has implemented a model fire plan replaced earth dams. Project has supported the captive, field management components. The Recovery Team was expanded to incorporate additional expertise to manage the Recovery Program. Cyclodomorphus melanops elongatus are the only C, is to mallee restricted woodlands with a spinifex. Elongatus represents the eastern extent of the subspecies. The subspecies are on dependent spinifex clumps for shelter. Individuals are found within large, mature spinifex clumps in areas.

Only reserve in New South Wales, Small eucalyptus trees, Shrubs