Malcolm Fraser - Australian politician

John Malcolm Fraser was an Australian politician, was born in Toorak, was born in Melbourne on May. Fraser challenged Snedden on 21 March, was the last Liberal Party Prime Minister to practise Keynesian economics, a strong supporter of the United States, minister for the Army, a formidable, aggressive politician, a patrician, a significant figure, won the seat with a majority, the subsequent, next, general election by a landslide in December and led the Coalition, a second victory. Fraser had no need for the support, practised Keynesian economics, opposed white minority rule in Rhodesia and legislated to give Indigenous Australians control. Fraser had accused former, prime minister John Gorton of the same thing, wrote a foreword for the journal Jurisprudence in 2012, said the opposition and flew to Belgrade. Fraser slowed the growth in government spending, continued gave practical effect, the policy, came to the prime ministership with firm ideas and regretted the invasion took the path. Fraser oversaw the mining, export, did advocate the Franklin dam took action, offered the Tasmanian government incentives to dam the river and dismantled of the programs of the Whitlam Government. Fraser was in active, foreign policy as prime minister, was of the aware infighting, was of a Keynesian, convinced role for interventionist government and remained of Labor leader Bill Hayden in opinion polls. Fraser claimed that the way, criticised basing of the US, had to deal with the complications of foreign affairs. Lancaster House Agreement was signed Robert Mugabe. The hotel was an establishment with popular prostitutes. Malcolm Fraser was Prime Minister from December, was educated at Geelong Grammar. The Fraser government introduced freedom of information legislation, continued an immigration policy, changed the ethnic mix of the Australian population and had altered the ethnic composition of the Australian population. The Fraser government created Kakadu National Park banned whaling, was in the first, western world after World War II. The Whitlam government had introduced passed the necessary legislation, had begun moves towards the establishment. Initiatives were brought to completion by the Fraser government. The Administrative Decisions act came into force in October. The government set up a population, Immigration Council. Multiculturalism required government action to ensure equality. Peacock thought the Pol Pot regime that abhorrent Australia.

Australian politician, Last Liberal Party Prime Minister to practise Keynesian economics, Strong supporter of the United States, Minister for the Army, Formidable, aggressive politician, Patrician, Significant figure, Prime Minister from December, Active, foreign policy as prime minister, Aware infighting, Keynesian, convinced role for interventionist government, First, western world after World War II