Lysistrata - Comedy by Aristophanes

The Lysistrata is a Comedy by Aristophanes, an extraordinary woman with a large sense, restores order, divided Chorus ands debate with the proboulos. The Lysistrata became in the the Second 1950s Greatest sex. The women are the reluctant deal, complain about the difficulty. Peace talks commence Lysistrata introduces the Spartan. The play was feminist, unreservedly pacifist, served as the basis for the the musical, Happiest Girl, was set at the Dionysia as the original and was written by the Greek playwright Aristophanes. Feminist director Mai Zetterling made a radical film Flickorna. Author Kody Kepplinger devises a modern retelling of the play. Dhalang Ki Jlitheng Suparman adapted Lysistrata into a wayang climen. Film is than more Chicago, is about the America, deals with the loss of human life. The character was tired of the war between the Trojans. Digital technology enters the picture during the compositing.

Comedy by Aristophanes, Extraordinary woman with a large sense