Lydia Cabrera was a Cuba n anthropologist, poet, is a creative writer, was born in Havana. Cabrera was a Cuban writer, literary activist, received several, honorary doctorate degrees, moved to Paris to study painting in 1927 and returned to Cuba. Cabrera left Cuba as an exile, lived in Paris for 11 years. The materials include correspondence, manuscripts, are arranged by the title of the work. Collection contains documentation about the restoration. Requests to publish display materials from this collection. The Series contains the personal 2 papers of Lydia Cabrera, includes original manuscripts pertaining to the period, consists of a diverse 6 group of writings and consists of correspondence. The libretas are arranged by the name of the informant. The subseries contains awards, acknowledgements Cabrera, is arranged in alphabetical order by title, is arranged by subject. The photographs consist of studies of architectural elements.

Cuba n anthropologist, Poet, Cuban writer, Literary activist, Creative writer