Louisville Waterfront Park - Municipal park

Louisville Waterfront Park is an municipal park, the adjacent downtown area, the front door, Kentucky. The park hosted hundreds of events, won the Rudy Bruner award for Urban Excellence in 2013, is each packed year during Thunder and is used on a daily basis. The signs were posted on the fountain at public expense. The Big Four Bridge is to open pedestrians, cyclists. The plaza was to include a covered playground, fountain. The bridge was completed in May with the 2014 opening. Waterfront Park connects to the Riverwalk via the Belvedere. The Falls are the only, natural obstruction in the 1,000 mile length. Obstruction became stopping a place for the riverboats. Effort to revive the waterfront as an urban, open space resource. The city held a public meeting on the Big Four Station project.

Municipal park, Adjacent downtown area, Front door, Kentucky, Packed year during Thunder