Lord John Philip Sackville was the second son of Lionel Sackville. Cricket career Sackville was recorded as a first cricketer in the 1734 season. Sackville became the main patron of the Kent team, played for London Cricket Club, had wagered on Sussex. London was the dominant team in English cricket, lost one wicket. The club played a number of big matches, played against Ewell in Surrey. The London gamesters intend to go to law for the money. The General Evening Post reported that the London team. Mr Buckley found different four notices of this match, says was an early appreciation of teamwork, gives examples and seems to be mistaken as Princess Augusta. Laleham Burway was a famous cricket ground near Chertsey, continued to be used into the 19th century. Cricket games were played at Laleham Burway during the 18th century. Mr McCann found a reference in the West Sussex Records Office. Gravelot helped to establish the French Rococco style in English.

Second son of Lionel Sackville, Course Sir William Gage