Lindera benzoin - Shrub in the laurel family

The leaves are arranged on the stem beyond the simple, long, broad, oval, broadest middle. The flowers have sepal 6 s, a sweet odor, a total of 9 stamen, a single pistil in the center, are clustered at the base of the leaves. The fruit is a red, elipsoidal, berrylike Drupe in rich lipids. Calycanthus are in a different family within the Laurales. Butterflies are during the colorful, diverse, abundant, active day in warm months. Mammals include whitetail deer, eastern cottontail rabbit. Lepidopteran host plant spicebush is a favorite food plant of lepidopterous two insects. Native has pale, yellow flowers in the early spring. Specimen has increased the spicebush swallowtail butterflies.

Shrub in the laurel family