Leptospermum - Genus of shrubs

Leptospermum is a genus of shrubs, occupies a variety of habitats. Species are to endemic Australia with the greatest diversity, make desirable garden plants, occur in Australia two. Leptospermums have all conspicuous five petal s, five groups. The flowers are grown in double cultivars, are in the variable. Taxonomy naming the first, formal description of a Leptospermum. George Bentham described twenty species in 1876, was to treat the first genus. Joy Thompson published a complete revision of the genus in 1989. The name tea tree derives from the practice of early, Australian settlers. Leptospermum laevigatum is found growing on beach sand. Riparium growing in Tasmania n rainforest on the edges. Recurvum are to southeast endemic Asia, is found on Mount Kinabalu in Sabah. Petals spreading in the white, pink, red, persistent. Tea trees are members of the widespread myrtle family. The genera are known as such Callistemon, have been separated on the basis of the arrangement. Stamen joins the floral tube of every other stamen. The list is based on information from the Australian Plant. Insects appear to be the main pollination vectors for other members. The genus Leptospermum was recognized by first Johann Reinhold Forster. Thompson reinstated the genera Homalospermum in 1983, Pericalymma, recognized 79 species. Bean described another two species clarified taxonomic problems in 1992.

Genus of shrubs