Latourell Falls - Waterfall along the Columbia River Gorge

Latourell Falls are a waterfall along the Columbia River Gorge, an excellent example of columnar basalt formations, is accessed a waterfall in the Columbia River Gorge. The Historic Columbia River Highway passes at certain locations. The Northwest Waterfall Survey has amassed a huge amount of information. The bridge established the essential form of the concrete arch, is in the located 220 acre Guy W, was designed by K and was at this important sight. Metzger worked out the designs for the numerous bridges. Latourell Creek Bridge is of one eight deck arches. Structure crosses the stream below Latourell Falls. Joseph Latourell was a prominent citizen in the area, became postmaster in August. Historian Carl Condit believes that the Oregon State Highway department. The arches are open spandrel with vertical columns. Members are to alternating subject, compressive, tensile stresses, are inserted in each panel. Care was employed in the construction of the junction points, was used in the construction of the end connections. The joints received a rigid inspection during the erection. The concrete was intended to take tension stresses. The arch ribs were poured starting at the spring line. The deck contains cubic 250 yards of concrete, was poured after the arches. Abutment was calculated to give a horizontal reaction, the equal maximum thrust. Temperature stresses were a major consideration because this bridge. The roadway forms a suitable frame, the beautiful picture.

Waterfall along the Columbia River Gorge, Excellent example of columnar basalt formations, One eight deck arches, Prominent citizen in the area