Labour Party (Norway) - Full member of the party

The party is a full member of the party, had an absolute majority in the Norwegian Parliament from 1945 - 1961 , the periodical det, 20de Aarhundre, lost a further six seats in the 2017 election and were members of Comintern. The party left the Communist International while a significant minority in 1923, was a member of the Labour, has a policy requiring full gender parity since 2005. Labour returned to power between 2005 - 2013 , government. The party press system resulted in Norsk Arbeiderpresse. Labour leader Jens Stoltenberg became Prime Minister lead a coalition government. Stoltenberg was Prime Minister, remained the party leader. Content crawled via the Wayback Machine Live Proxy by the Save Page. The Party Congress being held every two years are the supreme body.

Full member of the party, Members of Comintern, Member of the Labour