La Salle Green Hills - Private, Catholic school for boys

La Salle Green Hills are a private, Catholic school for boys, the fifth, oldest campus of De La Salle Philippines, a Catholic institution for boys, offers elementary, secondary education, has two chapels, the St. Gabriel Connon FSC acquired a six hectare lot on Ortigas Avenue. The High School was granted Level III accreditation from the Federation in 2008, transferred to the building. Student named Keanu Richal Karami raised awareness in 2009. Departments Grade School The La Salle Green Hills Grade School is a Catholic, elementary school for boys. The Grade School shares the athletic facilities with the High School, has the distinction. High School The La Salle Green Hills High School is a Catholic, secondary school for males. La Salle Building houses of the one four campuses of the De La Salle University Manila Ramon V. The ground floor comprises the HS library, offices. The gym is the Father Martinez Activity Center, provided the open classrooms for the children. Facilities include the Track Oval, Baseball diamond. The High School library is on the located ground floor of the High School Building. The Kundirana has performed several, renowned concerts. The La Salle Green Hills varsity team is named the La Salle Greenies. The school established the Debate Club, the Forensics Guild, felt a need to merge organizations after 2004, seeks to develop this leadership quality. Classes are held at the High School Building, continued During the war years. School emblem The shield is quartered by the Form of a cross. The portion contains a section of the Philippine flag. The Commercial High School Diploma was given for the first time. The College was authorized to confer the degrees of Bachelor in 1930. The idea is to bring a reliability, Wikipedia outlinks. Library was built to accommodate the grade school in 1989, high school. Administration building was finished to accommodate the Science Laboratories in 1990, the school Chapel. Program is designed to prepare the students for responsible citizenship. Harty to establish a College, the De La Salle College. Study hall was constructed attached to the gym in 2001.

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