Kim Stafford - American poet

Kim is sitting in a downtown coffee shop on a rainy autumn day. Kim Stafford is a writer from the Pacific Northwest, grew up in Oregon. Stafford has received writing creative two fellowships from the National Endowment, places great value on folklore, continues to publish collections and has contributed to many Northwest as national poetry. Stafford has produced several books, is a prolific contributor, national Northwest, taught at Pacific Lutheran University. Collection includes sound recordings moving images. Books containing contributions by Kim Stafford date. The inventory identifies the names of all correspondents. Oregon Humanities Foundation produced a television series on Northwest Writers during 1970s. Thelma Greenfield donated additional materials for inclusion, gifts of broadsides in 1990. Henry donated this collection, the University, has written on Thomas Wolfe. Time Henry took an active interest in Kim Stafford. Copyright resides with the creators of the documents.

American poet, Essayist, Writer from the Pacific Northwest, Prolific contributor, National Northwest