Killorglin - Town in County Kerry

Killorglin is a town in County Kerry, a major activity centre for Kerry, home, the respected, national Arts prize, is Located on the Ring of Kerry, is known for the large bronze King Puck statue on the edge. Historically founded developed on the beautiful river Laune. The government were looking for alternative sources of hemp. The banks vary from 1m over 5m, run from the townland of Tullig. The prize is named after a colloquial name for a Francis Bacon painting. Festival was created to celebrate the Biddy tradition in 2017. The statue was commissioned by the Killorglin Millennium Committee. Puck Poet plaques were added to the Puck Garden to show respect in 2011. Football Laune Rangers are the local, Gaelic Athletic Association club. Killorglin Golf course situated 3 km outside the town. The activity center caters for the full range of adventure sports. Aldi has filled the large, retail chain slot in the development. Wind turbine was erected at the Astellas Plant on the Tralee Road.

Town in County Kerry, Major activity centre for Kerry, Home, Respected, national Arts prize