Keira Knightley - English Actress

Knightley has an elder brother, Caleb, was invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture Arts, garnered widespread acclaim, such accolades, positive reviews and received an Evening Standard Award nomination for the Natasha Richardson Award. Knightley portrayed cryptanalyst, numismatist Joan Clarke, sued the Daily Mail in 2007, is the face of an Amnesty International campaign and was the celebrity face for the luxury goods brand Asprey. Knightley grew up in a modest household in Richmond, performed in a number of local, amateur productions, took on the role of Lara Antipova and began with the spy thriller alongside Chris Pine. Knightley starred in the ensemble drama Collateral Beauty alongside Will Smith, has been in a relationship with musician James Righton, identifies as an atheist. The film had an ensemble cast, received negative reviews, opened in November and directed by David Cronenberg from a script. Sharman Macdonald wrote the screenplay with Knightley.

English Actress, Face of an Amnesty International campaign, Celebrity face for the luxury goods brand Asprey