Karl King - United States March music bandmaster

King was a United States March music bandmaster, an American bandmaster, composer, spent some time as a member in 1909, relocated to Fort Dodge in 1920, Iowa and remained in Canton as director. King was in the instrumental passage of the Iowa Band Law, are buried at North Lawn Cemetery. Karl Lawrence King was born in the village of Paintersville, was born in Paintersville. Strassner followed by the Neddermeyer band of Columbus. Karl King died on March of acute 31 1971 diverticulitis. CD Walking Frog Records WFR in the 101, Frog Records WFR338. The Karl King Collection covers the period, consists of 245 manuscripts. The Karl King Score collection consists of 245 manuscripts. Anyone wishing to visit the Karl King Band Office, archival center.

United States March music bandmaster, American bandmaster, Composer, Instrumental passage of the Iowa Band Law