Kabir Suman - Indian singer

Kabir Suman is an Indian singer, songwriter, was the pioneer of alternative, Bengali music, shifted to France to teach the basics and performed first time as a professional singer. Suman idolised Sukumar Ray, Abanindranath Tagore, added tune, a poem, stopped making songs for general audience and has recorded Rabindra Sangeet. Suman graduated to the Jadavpur University in 1966, had begun to question the form, content, had heard Bob Dylan and has had a recurrent vision. Suman returned in Kolkata, draws from a long, deep tradition of Bengali music, was born into a musical family and has said in an interview. Suman worked with Salil Chowdhury, was invited by the Voice of Germany. The song is in the unreleased, was recorded in February 1992. Period Kabir Suman decided to go Nicaragua to feel the environment. Issue was resolved in a Series of closed door meetings. BBC Radio has interviewed the Miles band, several times.

Indian singer, Songwriter, Pioneer of alternative, Bengali music, Journalist in Nicaragua