Jungle boot - Type of combat boot

Jungle boots are a Type of combat boot, have vent holes in the instep, were given nylon canvas tops in place and were the standard combat footwear for mild weather. Jungle boot was designed to permit water, perspiration. Jungle boot design were modified discarded for reasons of cost. Wellco gained the first government contract for boots. The company Atalaia manufactures jungle boots for the Brazilian Army. The boots were than the lighter, standard combat boot. Manufacturers Producing modern day jungle boots include Altama Delta Corporation of two. Performance enhanced sports footwear, rugged, outdoor hikers. Ascot International is to be donating to the proud Shoes4Africa Hospital project in 2013. Ascot offers this website including all information, collect anonymous data, collects aggregate information about the number.

Type of combat boot, Standard combat footwear for mild weather