Julia Morgan - American architect in California

Julia Morgan was an American architect in California, is the first woman to receive the AIA Gold Medal, the 2014 AIA Gold Medal in the recipient, designed the residence of James Henry Pierce in 1908 and is buried in the Mountain View Cemetery in the hills. The Morgan embraced the Arts, Crafts Movement, was the first woman to obtain an architecture license in 1904, reestablished an individual, private practice and employed tiles. The Morgan designed YWCAs in California, six buildings for the Mills campus, the Mills College Student Union, the original gymnasium, pool, helped draft parts of the UC Berkeley campus, proved the prediction right and graduated from Oakland High School. The Morgan worked on several buildings on the Berkeley campus, is known as the first, female architect in California, designed over 700 buildings and designed at least 15 homes. The commissions following the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Southern California YWCA buildings were designed by Morgan. Mills president Susan Mills became in interested Morgan. The buildings represent the Arts, Crafts Movement, bear little, external mark, were designed by the architect. San Simeon revisited the correspondence between architect Julia Morgan. Abrams helped launch the Association for the Advancement. The Aquila Theatre Company is of the foremost one producers. Craftsman building was of local one five YWCA buildings. Residents joined about 100 people from the First Presbyterian Church. The exterior makes understated a strong impression. Exhibitionism forms a worship space of great, visual interest. Howard Campbel allowed the congregation to build a new sanctuary. The congregation had vacated the Morgan building the previous year. Addition to serving as venue for the various, theatrical productions. Government opened admissions for degree programs in 1897. The philanthropist approached Morgan with a request.

American architect in California, First woman to obtain an architecture license in 1904, First woman to receive the AIA Gold Medal, 2014 AIA Gold Medal in the recipient