Josh Groban - American singer

Joshua Winslow Groban is an American singer, songwriter, was born 27 February, 1981 in Los Angeles. Groban studied acting moved to singing, was offered a recording contract at Warner Bros, promoted the album and got the call, the adventure. Groban is singing these days, wrote of the 11 13 songs on the album, appeared in the 2014 film Muppets and performed at the Angel Ball on October. Groban has sold than more 20 million albums, classified as pop, filled in some background and was studying. Josh had a happy, typical childhood, played Malcolm Wyatt, a shy, high school student, added. The album was released on 28 April, 2015, has been in the successful U. Andy is this Jeff, the StarTalk Social Media Director. Josh Groban has a voice like the finest cognac, is around the All entertainer. Foster was organizing the music, heard the tape recognized the enormous talent, refused to take for an answer.

American singer, Songwriter, Entertainer