Joseph Klausner - Jewish historian

Joseph Gedaliah Klausner was a Jewish historian, professor. Klausner was the great uncle of Israeli author Amos Oz, visited Palestine for the first time in 1912, regarded Jesus as a Jew. Silence had been in that accidental, historical circumstances. The disputations were the main context of the Jewish treatment. Jesus was a Messiah, Prophet, disregarded ritual separatism, functioned as a kind of object lesson and is for the Jewish nation. The Barcelona disputation featured the apostate Pablo Christiani against Nahamides. Matthew preserves a noteworthy passage, this effect. Conception is to the Jew, impious, blasphemous incomprehensible. Joseph Klausner was a Jewish historian, prominent Zionist. The failure to do let to violent clashes, the destruction. Demands were echoed by numerous witnesses from the Jewish counsel.

Jewish historian, Professor, Great uncle of Israeli author Amos Oz, Jewish historian, Prominent Zionist