John McLaren Park - Park in southeastern San Francisco

John McLaren Park is a park in southeastern San Francisco. McLaren Park is the third, largest park in San Francisco, had eight picnic tables before 1978. Park Commission recommended reduced a park size in 1932. The Works Progress Administration was for the responsible construction of a scenic drive. Public safety McLaren Park had a checkered reputation. Murders have continued to occur in recent years despite park improvements. Construction contracts included the addition of more picnic tables. Garcia had grown up from the park at 87 Harrington Street. La Grande Tank La Grande Tank is the prominent, blue water tank on the western edge. The Wilde Reservoir was used to store tap water for the city. Market Street concluded in a formal Grecian retreat. The plan was previewed following the September, rapturous response. Focus was an immense, civic center framing a retooled intersection.

Park in southeastern San Francisco, Third, largest park in San Francisco, Steep Golden Gate Park