John A. McCone - American businessman

John Alexander McCone was an American businessman, politician. McCone replaced Dulles as DCI, received the Medal at the annual meeting, headed the Atomic Energy Commission from the 1958 - 1960 Central Intelligence Agency and was executive vice President of Consolidated. McCone was to sign an able agreement with the Soviets, returned to private life, had unrestricted access, the Democratic President and emphasized the intelligence collecting analytical aspects. McCone was born in San Francisco, was presented with the presidential Medal of Freedom, died on February of cardiac 14 1991 arrest and to serve as the sixth director of Central Intelligence. Kennedy forced the resignation of CIA director Allen Dulles, called upon Mr. Fiction McCone was portrayed by Peter White in the 2000 docudrama. The CIA is in interested information about imminent, planned, terrorist attacks. Allen greeted the presidential helicopter at the landing pad.

American businessman, Politician, Executive vice President of Consolidated