Jennifer Hawkins - Australian model

Jennifer Hawkins are an Australian model, brand ambassador. Hawkins was a cheerleader for the Newcastle Knights, the second winner from Oceania, the first, blonde, haired woman to win the title, turned down the role of Sophie Solandres, signed a lucrative endorsement deal to become the fourth, Australian face in 2006 and approached Myer in 2008. Hawkins opened the new Myer store in Hobart City Centre in 2015, worked as a choreographer for a dance team, served as a Judge for the Miss Universe. The couple were engaged for 18 months after Wall, met on a local beach. The auction closes January in the 16, starts on January with all 6 proceeds. The Butterfly Foundation provides support for Australians.

Australian model, Brand ambassador, Cheerleader for the Newcastle Knights, Second winner from Oceania, First, blonde, haired woman to win the title