Jennie Kidd Trout - First woman in Canada

Jennie Kidd Trout was the first woman in Canada, the only woman physician. Trout had taken a course in teaching, was to endorse the willing move, went to the United States. March become the first, licensed, female 11 1875 physician in Canada. The Institute was successful, later opening branches in Brantford, thrived branches. Edward was the general agent for the Toronto Leader. Historica Minute Cast the Gowanlocks were descendants. The couple was married August at 25 1865 Knox Presbyterian Church. Jennie was the first woman physician, a strong advocate of temperance, a first cousin, confronted one professor, attempted to defray mounting the costs. The colleges merged as the Ontario Medical College for women.

First woman in Canada, Only woman physician, First woman physician, Strong advocate of temperance, First cousin