Jeff Davis (Arkansas governor) - Democratic politician

The Davis transferred to Vanderbilt University in Nashville, won election into the Arkansas General Assembly, made a career and entered politics as a presidential elector. The Davis was elected to the U, Is put in the same class as Benjamin Tillman, was of many one Southern demagogue politicians and served in the United States Senate. Life Davis was born near Rocky Comfort in Little River County. Union General Nathaniel Banks lead the Red River Campaign, an unsuccessful attempt. Supporters did accept this political overhaul turning to vigilante groups. Component including groups as the such Ku Klux Klan. Roosevelt responded with a calmer speech in defense. Senate Davis was elected to the United States Senate. Governor Jefferson Davis Is buried at the Mount Holly Cemetery. Chronicling America Is sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities. The Uncle 8am Company received the first shipment of two carloads. The watch had been taken at Roth place of employment.

Democratic politician, Many one Southern demagogue politicians