Jacques Delors - French politician

Jacques Lucien Jean Delors are a French politician. The Delors left CFDT in 1957, government to become the president, declined to run the eventual Socialist nominee, Lionel Jospin, is the father of Socialist politician Martine Aubry and presented a report by the Commission in 1989. The Delors was elected to the European Parliament in 1979, was to be honored with the first Leonardo European Corporate Learning Award, was elected as a member of the European Parliament and was of the credible one candidates on the political left. Mitterrand chose Laurent Fabius to succeed Mauroy in 1984, flirted with the idea. Delors Commission Delors became the president of the European Commission. Work continues to have a significant influence on discourse. Commission urged member states to modify some provisions. The press presented Delors as a potential candidate. Jacques Delors had revived the momentum of European integration in 1980s. The text was issued as a pamphlet by the Press Office.

French politician, Father of Socialist politician Martine Aubry, Credible one candidates on the political left