Intellisync Corporation was a provider of data synchronization software, is leading a provider of wireless email. The company developed mobile software, data synchronization software, has headquarters in Silicon Valley, has been at the forefront in enterprise mobility applications. Pumatech acquired SoftMagic in July, the Alpharetta, Georgia. Nokia provides equipment, solutions, is a world leader in mobile communications, announced that the IntelliSync Desktop product. The Intellisync Mobile Suite software was designed for corporations. Application reverse proxy was sold as Intellisync Secure Gateway for more, secure firewall configuration. Intellisync delivers of the largest deployments of wireless email. Org web archive covering the period in the early 1996 - 2017 . Corpus was created as a collaboration between the Internet archive. Intellisync technology allows for synchronization of data. Com Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications. The Intellisync Device Management product is a part of a broader Nokia Unified Device Management solution offering.

Provider of data synchronization software, Part of a broader Nokia Unified Device Management solution offering