The agency exercises any executive powers like enforcement, protects market participants against manipulation, used propaganda. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulates commodity futures, option markets. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is for responsible consumer protection in the financial sector. The FCC regulates common carriers as such telephone. The Federal Election Commission oversees campaign financing for all federal elections. The commission oversees election rules as reporting, has powers. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is the United States, federal agency. The Federal Maritime Commission regulates the international ocean transportation of the United States. The Federal Reserve regulates private banking institutions. The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board is of the smaller One Executive Branch agencies. The Federal Trade Commission enforces federal, antitrust consumer protection laws. The General Services Administration is for the responsible purchase. GSA manages the federal motor vehicle fleet oversees telecommuting centers. The International Trade Commission provides trade expertise, the legislative, executive branches. Industries directs actions against certain, unfair trade practices. The National Labor Relations Board administers the principal United States labor law, the National Labor Relations Act. The National Transportation Safety Board investigates all aviation accidents in the United States. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission was established by the Energy Reorganization Act. The Service System is an independent, federal agency. The Smithsonian Institution is an independent establishment of the United States. The Surface Transportation Board was created in the ICC Termination Act. The STB is an economic, regulatory agency that Congress. The Postal Service is for the responsible collection. Opinion regarding American participation in World War I. The Interstate Commerce Commission regulated common carrier S. The United States Maritime Commission was intended to formulate a merchant shipbuilding program, design. The Energy Commission was established for peacetime development of Atomic energy. The FMC Supply Chain Innovation Teams Initiative is near completion.

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