Hypergraph - Hypergraph with some edges

The hypergraph is called a set system, a family, is a hypergraph with some edges, regular vice, a collection of trees. Hypergraphs have many, other names, are for any uncolorable number of colors. Subhypergraph is a hypergraph with some vertices, induced by a subset. The graph is called incidence graph, corresponding to the Levi graph of this generalization. The bijection is called the isomorphism of the graphs. Hypergraph automorphism is an isomorphism from a vertex. Graph partitioning has many applications, IC design. Hypergraph learning hypergraphs have been used in machine learning tasks as the data model. The applications include recommender system, image retrieval.

Hypergraph with some edges, Regular vice, Collection of trees, Isomorphism from a vertex