Hussein-Ali Montazeri - Prolific writer of books

Montazeri was a prolific writer of books, went to Qom, became a grand Ayatollah in 1984 and moved to the view that the clergy. Montazeri fell of the theological requirements of the supreme faqih, spoke out against Ahmadinejad on 16 June, was known by the pejorative nickname Gorbeh Nareh after the Cat. Things came to a head following the mass execution. The police attacked mourners, the protesters with clubs, stayed of the clear funeral. The candidate had to be hustled into the Montazeri compound. People had gathered at the main mosque for the memorial service. The security forces began beating people including women, arrested several protesters, chased protesters into a building housing. Protesters marched in Imam Khomeini Square in southern Tehran. Clashes were reported in northern Tehran near Jamaran mosque, were reported in cities. Opposition supporters had gathered in groups along a stretch. The concept was embedded in the bedrock of the Islamic republic.

Prolific writer of books