Humayun Ahmed - Bangladesh

Humayun Ahmed was a Bangladesh, writer, had a meteoric rise in Bangla literature, emerged as a promising writer with the publication. Ahmed attended the University of Dhaka, wrote fictional series, few songs, directed films and divorced Gultekin in 2003. Ahmed had open heart surgery at Mount Elizabeth Hospital, is a distinguished writer, emerged as a filmmaker and composed around 40 songs. Politician Delwar Hossain Sayeedi was put on trial for the killing. Humayun won the Bangla Academy Award in1981, the Ekushey Padak in1994, made a huge contribution, the field, created literary fever. Bohubrihi was of the successful one productions of Bangladesh Television. Notables are titled as Ami Aaj Bhejabo Chokh Somudrer Joley. The idea is to bring a reliability, Wikipedia outlinks. The world renowned Walt Disney series books for children.

Bangladesh, Writer, Distinguished writer