Hightower High School - Secondary school at located 3333 Hurricane Lane

Hightower High School is a secondary school at located 3333 Hurricane Lane, qualified 31 38 34 students for the National HOSA Conference the National HOSA Leadership Conference in 2007 in 2008 in 2010, had a Robotics team. Hightower serves parts of Missouri City, has specialized academies, is to the adjacent district owned Hall Stadium and is administered by Fort Bend Independent School District. Hightower had served as an American football coach for Sugar Land High School, opened on August, had over 2,600 students. The school serves a portion of the City, served Freshmen, Sophomore classes, is named after Lockhart Valentine Hightower. Frederick Richardson was an interim principal for the Fall semester. The Medical Science Academy allows motivated students meet academic challenges. Courses allow students to use real world equipment. Classes are designed to teach technical proficiency in a broad range. The academy is joined in one academy with the Telecommunications Media Academy.

Secondary school at located 3333 Hurricane Lane