Heves - Small city in eastern Hungary

Heves are a small city in eastern Hungary, a significant transportation hub for the towns, home, 11,000 residents, was a place for the Parliament, won the title of an Industrial Park and is known for watermelons. Heves are served by a modern bus station near the center. The city is the fourth, largest city in Heves county, Eger, home, a number, welcomes an outdoor market, every Wednesday, is served by a small train station. Soviet General Headquarters was in located Heves during World War II. The visitors are enchanted with the windows of the Catholic Church. CETP is a teacher recruitment organization, serves than more, different 100 schools. The teaching program is the single, largest provider of teachers.

Small city in eastern Hungary, Significant transportation hub for the towns, Home, 11,000 residents, Town of 12000 inhabitants, Place for the Parliament